SAAT KIWI poduszka

KIWI, pillow, audio, stereo, vibration.
Touch the music! KIWI vibrating surround sound

Go one step further in your music experience, don't just hear but touch the sound with powerful vibrations. KIWI is characterized by a wide stage sound, clear highs, a saturated and pleasant midrange and an unprecedented powerful, deep bass. KIWI offers stereo playback sound with a perceived surround experience which is made possible by an innovative excitation design.

Music streaming

Connect to your smartphone, computer or SmartTV via bluetooth 5.0. We will enable you to create our favorite music or music wherever you want.


4 Speakers, STEREO Sound

2x 20W RMS
2x 15W RMS
Loudspeaker impedance 4 Ω

Vibratoin of sound

frequency response 10Hz - 20kHz

BATTERY 10500mah

Working time 24h
Charging time 8h
Charging port USB C

Hand made

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545x345x145 mm