Autonomous sensory meridian response

It is a feeling of pleasant tingling of the head area (and often the whole body) caused by visual and auditory stimuli (triggers). We can achieve it with the help of increasingly popular videos on YouTube, in which ASMR artists try to induce this pleasant shiver in us and put us in a state of deep calm. This innovative method of relaxation is possible due to the use of KIWI pillow, where we combine visual, auditory and tactile triggers. Our product is recommended by a respected artist Martyna Maj from the channel Szepczaca w Sieci whose videos, combined with the KIWI pillow, will put you in a state of relaxation, soothe your nerves and help you fall asleep faster.


(ang. white noise)

Is a sound of constant intensity over the whole bandwidth, intended to mask environmental sounds. White noise is the sound of rain, water waves, a river flowing or the sound of a hair dryer. The steady, peaceful sound helps to calm down, soothe and relax. It has a healing effect on migraine headaches but also it puts the baby to sleep, for whom the sound is reminiscent of lying in the womb. By listening to white noise on your kiwi pillow, you can comfortably lie down to sleep and surround yourself with the sound of running water, birds singing or a summer thunderstorm. The sound of thunder will be like a massage and the sound of falling rain will put you in a state of deep relaxation.


Experience a new music sensation on the KIWI pillow, which makes you touch the sound.
If you want to find out if you can hear sound even better, just lie back on your bed,
in an armchair or in a hammock and feel the music with your whole body,
as you become the element of the audio. Vibrate, play and enjoy your favourite mixtape!


A movie on the big screen and on a small audio device with powerful sound, with the deep, bassy, vibrating impact of the KIWI pillow will take you right into the middle of the cinematic action. Feel the fight scenes, the explosions, the roar of the engines, as if you were there. All this without disturbing your loved ones, people in the next room or neighbours. Film sounds will barely be heard by those around you. You will create your own private sound space, which does not disturb the rhythm of other household members and creates the boldest sound experience for you.